ARTILLIGENT Design was established in 2011 with the name originated from the combination of the English words ART and INTELLIGENT. Specializing in precise measures of space and textural scales through acute observation and careful planning, its designs are presented with great sense of aesthetics and refinement. By breaking the traditional perception of design and rearranging the overall structure, a space with delicate thoughts in design is created for customers.
ARTILLIGENT Design provides spatial planning and project management for residence, hotels and commercial offices, with highly standardised and efficient management methods to fully present the highest quality in design. With the company’s reliable attentive after-sale services, ARTILLIGENT Design together brings our artistic vision and living quality to the next level to fulfil customer’s expectations.

設立於2011年,ARTILLIGENT 英文名稱源自於 ART & INTELLIGENT 的文字結合;顧名思義寬玠設計希望以獨到的藝術涵養、生活美學、創新時尚的眼光與品味,針對客戶需求量身設計,提供住宅、旅館、商業及辦公空間之設計規劃與工程管理,以細膩與高效率的品質管理模式,完整呈現對設計的要求。

寬玠設計團隊希望秉持著耐心且貼心的服務態度, 讓您的信任得以交付給寬玠的專業,共同激盪出新的視覺藝術,齊步品味生活的空間創意,達成您對於寬玠的期待。

William Lu

Design Director

Considerate service attitude, so that your trust can be delivered to ARTILLIGENT's professionals, together to stimulate new visual arts, taste the space creativity of life, and achieve your expectations for ARTILLIGENT.


William Lu